Assessment structure

Five specific units or modules, which are,
1 - Map reading ability
2 - Route selection (Local)
3 - Route selection (Intermediate)
4 - Route selection (Long distance)
5 - General topography

1) You will be required to read and understand basic written English and have a good command of the English language. Instructions for one task will be provided in writing only to test this.
2). You will be required to look in The Master Greater London A-Z map book and locate streets, districts, stations, and post codes from the A-Z map.
3). You will need to know 4 primary compass points - North, South, East and West.
4). You need to know the names of the counties bordering London. Eg. Kent, Essex, Surrey etc. from the M25 eg:- M20, M11, M1, M4 etc.
5). You would be required to specify the direction from London to a major town or Airport. You may request which direction from London to Heathrow or from a specified Post Code or Area to Heathrow Airport.

  • Envelope – This is to send your forms back but also has a handy checklist on the back make sure you’ve included all the right forms before you pop them in the post.
  • PHV/203– This is the actual application form.
  • PHV/204 – This is the Medical Declaration form which needs to be initially completed by you and then completed and stamped by your GP when you have your medical.
  • PHV/207 – The outlines the fees and payment methods for your application.
  • Topographical Skills Information Sheet– This details what you need for your topographical skills assessment.
  • Post Office ‘Check and Send’ Service – If you are sending your application from a post office in the Greater London Area then you can pay £7 at the desk and they will check your application to see if it is completed correctly and that all the supporting documents have been included. The Post Office will also take your application fee. CRB Disclosure Form – This must be completed and will detail any criminal convictions you may have which could affect your job as a minicab driver.
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